#Rainbow Dash is the athletic pony who is always practicing her flight tricks or just hanging around Ponyville sleeping in trees or in random clouds. she is best pony.

  1. Rainbow Dash is the element of  Loyaltyshe's always on the go!
  2. I like rainbow dash. 
  3. She's kind and loves to be able to get in a flying competition. 
  4. She is the 
  5. oyalty and she was a bit of a cool pony she the fastest one of the ponies in Ponyville. 
  6. But what pony would you choose comment under my comment.
  7. I LOVE RAINBOW DASH because she is practicing her flight tricks or just hanging out with a few friends she always will be a winner to me. 
  • Does anyone know what rainbow dash usly does is it 
  • A. Hanging out with a few friends 
  • B. Flying competitions
  • C. Sleeping. 

​put in the comments! See ya! 

Cupcake51's comment: Yay I win!

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