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Rainbow Danger Dash with sunglasses S2E8

Rainbow Dash. She is the best pony.


Welcome to the Friendship is Magic Community Portal! I, UnintentionalFan, am the founder of this site. Muno Say is my trusty co-founder, and together we hope to bring an enjoyable MLP roleplaying experience to everyone! This site is not complete, but we have a few goals for it in mind.

1 - We really want to create a knowledge base of the show, similar to the Friendship is Magic wiki.

2 - We hope to compile many of the popular videos, fanfictions, pictures, and other things on this site.

3 - We hope to become a thriving roleplay community!

We really apreciate any help you can give. Please drop by in the chat. If I am there, I would be glad to help you with anything you might need!

Our WikiEdit

This wiki is under construction, We would appreciate any help on getting it built up!

The basic idea of this wiki is to create a large and reliable source for all things related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Our hope is to create a site that will allow you to watch every episode in high quality and view user created content throughut the web. Almost everything we will present to you can be found on other sites, but we want to elimitate all of the extra material that can often get in the way.

For example, Youtube has a lot more than just ponies, and any pony video you find has the chance of being either a really crappy video or even a troll. Here, we will only give you the good stuff.

On FiMFiction, many good stories come out that are never recognized due to the fact that older submissions are nearly impossible to find, and newer submissions come in at such a high rate. Here, we will only give you the good stories, and all the stories will be easy to find.

Equestria Daily can be a pain to navigate, and only the really popular stuff is ever featured. Like with FiMFiction, this means a lot of good content is never recognized. Here, we hope to give all good content a chance, and no matter how old it is, it will be easy to find.

This is the Friendship is Magic Community Portal, the easy to navigate site with all things FiM that gives every good bit of content a chance.