I didn't want to do this, but things were getting stupid on the site.

I am now writing some chat rules:

Rule 1: Do NOT be mean or rude for any reason. You will get kicked if you do not stop when asked.

Rule 2: Cursing is allowed until anyone asks you to stop. Anyone can ask for no cursing, so if you don't like it, just say so. If cursing continues after it was asked to stop, kicks/bans will be used.

Rule 3: No Rule34/Porn except in specified RP sessions (meaning you have to say it will be there before RP)

Rule 4: No interupting an Rp, if asked to bring conversations to PM, do so.

Rule 5: Don't make a mod angry. I won't defend you against unjust punishment.

The chat can be found here. An alternate IRC room can be found here . Remember to follow these rules.